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OB Hospitalist Program

In an effort to provide the absolute highest standard of care to our patients, Palms West is pleased to offer our patients an OB Hospitalist program that provides hospital-based, OBGYN physicians (hospitalists) on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These highly-skilled, Board Certified OBGYNs will provide consistent care to patients in the hospital, as well as emergent care to those arriving in Labor and Delivery.

We offer these services to elevate the standard of women’s healthcare by ensuring every expectant mother is evaluated and treated by a physician regardless of time, location, complication or circumstance.

Program Advantages… to You, the Patient

OBGYN Physician Availability

  • Our Emergency Department is continuously staffed by Board Certified OBGYN physicians (hospitalists).
  • Board Certified, OBGYN physicians hospitalists are immediately available on-site at all times day or night.
  • In the event that your physician is not available, Palms West OB Hospitalists can examine, evaluate the progress of your labor, review test results and fetal heart rate tracings. They will address any evolving or high-risk concerns and provide you and your baby with a safe delivery.
  • Due to their primary focus of hospital-based treatment, hospitalists are experts at providing emergent care, and are on-site if an emergency occurs.
  • Hospitalists will be in communication with your physician and will have access to your medical records.
  • If your physician is unavailable or delayed in reaching the hospital, you can rest assured that the experienced OB Hospitalists can provide medical expertise and optimal patient care. They will answer any questions you or your family may have.
  • OB Hospitalists are highly skilled in a variety of different delivery techniques.

The Best for You and Your Baby

It used to be that once you had a cesarean all births after that meant the same procedure. Palms West Hospital offers women a more natural option of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Why can we provide this? Because we have obstetricians on staff 24/7 and the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that allow you to experience vaginal childbirth should you want to do so.

We want the very best care for you and your baby. Your physician will make sure the OB Hospitalist on-site has your complete medical records. The OB Hospitalist caring for you in your doctor’s absence will deliver a complete treatment report to your doctor so your continued treatment is thorough and consistent. Palms West Hospital is committed to providing excellent patient care and delivering the best outcome possible with every patient encounter.