In order to provide easy and reliable billing services, you may inquire about your bill, or pay your bill, online.

View or Pay Bill Online

Palms West Hospital will act as a billing agent for the patient for assigned insurance benefits. However, we cannot assume responsibility for unpaid balances. The patient is responsible for all balances and charges that are not covered by an insurance provider.

Financial & Insurance Information

Upon discharge from Palms West Hospital, the Business Office Department will generate a hospital bill. Please be aware that this department bills for Palms West Hospital charges only.

The bill will not include charges from the attending and consulting physicians, surgeons, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, or emergency room physicians. These fees are billed separately.

Questions regarding a bill from Palms West Hospital should be directed to the Business Office at (561) 798-1733.

Questions regarding other medical professional fees should be directed to the following:

Radiology Associates: (561) 432-7644 or (561) 432-6626

Palm Lakes Anesthesia: (561) 626-7171

Emergency Physicians: (800) 833-9986

Pathology Consultants of Palm Beach: (561) 432-7644

FI Pediatric Critical Care: (888) 382-5603

Insurance Documentation

As a service to you, our patient, your insurance provider will be billed by our business office. Your insurance company will be given approximately 45 days to pay their portion of your bill. Therefore, to ensure that your bill is paid promptly, please process any claim forms or other information that your insurance company requires as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call (561) 798-1733.

Please note:

As you are aware, general Internet e-mail is inherently not secure. We are currently in the process of enhancing this e-mail service and recommend that items considered confidential or private in nature not be communicated through e-mail at this time (i.e., Social Security Numbers, Diagnosis Information, Credit Card Numbers, etc.). When conveying confidential or private information, please contact the Business Office directly at the phone number listed on your statement.

**All payment and account information obtained in other areas of our web site is encrypted or encoded securing the information so it can only be read by the intended recipients.**